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"LeadSync" is an Erasmus plus co-founded training course in Villalibado, Spain, from Feb 28 to Mar 4, 2024. It aims to enhance youth leaders' roles in non-formal education, focusing on group leader involvement, inclusive methods, and digital planning for youth mobilities. Participants will stay in a rehabilitated rural tourism complex, enjoying vegetarian meals. The project emphasizes skill-building in leadership, inclusive practices, and digital collaboration, aligned with Erasmus Plus goals.

Date & Location

Starting Date :

February 28, 2024

Ending Date :

March 4, 2024

Location :Villalibado


Before applying to the "LeadSync" project, here are the important points to consider:

1. Program Overview: It's an Erasmus plus co-founded training course aimed at enhancing the role of youth leaders in non-formal education. The course focuses on the involvement of group leaders in youth mobilities.

2. Key Aspects:
- Empowering Youth Leaders: Skills for guiding peer-to-peer learning.
- Inclusive Methods: For young people with fewer opportunities.
- Digital Planning: Leveraging digital tools for youth mobilities.

3. Main Objectives: Enhance leadership skills, promote inclusive practices, foster digital collaboration, and align with Erasmus Plus accreditation goals.

4. Date and Location: February 28 to March 4, 2024, in Villalibado, Spain.

5. Accommodation: Participants will stay at El Convento in Villalibado, provided with double rooms and private bathrooms. Vegetarian meals will be served, made with local products.

6. Participant Profile:
- Over 18 years old.
- Good command of English.
- Committed to apply the skills acquired during two Youth Exchanges in the following months.
- Previous experience in youth projects and intercultural experiences.
- Aspire to be a group leader in future youth mobilities.

7. Travel Guidelines:
- Green travel is encouraged.
- Arrive by February 28, 2024, and depart on March 4, 2024.
- Travel costs reimbursed as per the European Commission's distance calculator, requiring all original travel documents.

8. Application Process: Familiarize yourself with the detailed application process, deadlines, and required documentation.

For a complete and detailed understanding, refer to the "LeadSync Training Course" document hereafter.

It's important that you read this document carefully.
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