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"Kozmic Blues" is an Erasmus+ accredited youth exchange project taking place from May 10th to 17th, 2024, facilitated by Támaszpont Mopka and EgyüttHató Egyesület. It focuses on feminist advocacy through participatory art, providing a collaborative and nonjudgmental environment for youngsters to learn, share ideas, and express personal narratives. The project aims to explore the history of feminist movements and promote gender equality awareness. Participants will engage in artistic activities that challenge power dynamics, ensuring inclusive decision-making that amplifies marginalized voices.

Date & Location

Starting Date :

May 10, 2024

Ending Date :

May 17, 2024

Location :Gánt, Bányatelep / Hungary


Before applying to the "Kozmic Blues" project, here are the important points to consider:

1.Program Overview: "Kozmic Blues" is an Erasmus+ accredited youth exchange project that promotes feminist advocacy and empowerment through participatory art and collaborative learning.

2. Main Objectives: The project aims to increase knowledge of feminist movements' history, advocate for gender equality, and facilitate self-expression and personal development through creative arts. It encourages participants to challenge power structures and amplify marginalized voices, contributing to social change and inclusivity.

3.Date and Location: May 10th to 17th, 2024. Specific location details will be provided to selected participants.

4. Accommodation: Safe and inclusive accommodation will be arranged for participants. Details on the type of accommodation and room sharing will be communicated after selection.

5. Participant Profile:

  • Aged 18 to 30. (Group leader can be over 30)
  • Artistic talent or interest in art and gender equality is welcomed, with no formal education requirements.
  • Enthusiastic, curious, and like-minded individuals interested in feminist advocacy and art.
  • Group leaders should have experience in art or art therapy, particularly working with youth.
  • Proficient in English at least at the B1 level.
  • The project encourages participation from individuals living with disabilities (offering a barrier-free environment and assistance) and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

6.Travel Guidelines:

  • Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements.
  • Green travel is encouraged
  • Travel costs reimbursed as per the European Commission's distance calculator, requiring all original travel documents. (Up to 235 €)

7. Application Process: Prepare to submit your personal and professional details, a statement of interest, and any relevant experiences in art or social activism. Be ready to discuss by online interview how you will contribute to the project's objectives.

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