Who are we?


Imagine a world where the future wasn't scary.

We were trapped :

In 2019, we graduate from college with ambitions to change the world. We were soon disillusioned. Our experiences with companies obsessed with money over people quickly brought us back down to Earth. By this time, we had 10 alarms at 5-minute intervals to wake up to in the morning. Your alarm goes off, you're in bed staring at the ceiling. You know you're going to spend your day contributing to something that goes against your values so you can barely pay your rent. You open insta and see images of burning forests, plastic in the oceans, and violence at every level. You feel that everything is spinning out of control and you don't know what to do. So what do you do? You turn off your alarm clock and go back to bed. What's the point of getting up anyway?

That's when we made a big decision: to drop everything and go on a round-the-world trip with a project that really made sense to us.

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Loreto, our active president and co-founder of Rakonto, skillfully handles both filmmaking and Erasmus+ projects. She brings her expertise in audiovisual communication to the association, enhancing our projects with her creativity. Committed since the early days of Rakonto, she significantly contributes with her know-how and energy.

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As a project manager in influence marketing, he is keen to learn more about communications to help social, societal and environmental initiatives gain recognition.

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(She / Her)


Magali, our efficient secretary, plays a key role in the association's communication. She effectively spreads information and handles administrative tasks with ease. She is a dependable figure who helps us stay informed and organized. Magali is an essential administrative pillar for us.

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Corentin, Rakonto's director and co-founder, is truly an adventurer in spirit. He approaches projects with passion and a positive outlook, fostering innovation. As both a skilled photographer and an enthusiastic leader, he embodies the essence of Rakonto, always striving to make a positive impact on the world!

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Graphic designer

A freelance graphic designer for 3 years, Elisa joined Rakonto in April 2023 to rethink and recreate a new visual identity for the association. Part-time employee and full-time ecologist, she's keen to help Rakonto grow.

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Editor and philologist, she is eager to help us rewrite history, whether through video, text, or music. An enthusiastic educator, she brings sparkle to the projects where she facilitates. If you need her, you will find her where the trees are.

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Santiago, Rakonto's dedicated photojournalist, has a passion for uncovering and sharing compelling stories. His skillful photography brings these narratives to life. Eager to share his craft, he contributes his visual storytelling to our projects, offering fresh views on the world.

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Adrian, the multi-talented artist at Rakonto, has a flair for both filmmaking and music. His energy and skill bring a unique touch to our creative endeavors. Committed to his art, he applies his knowledge at Rakonto to help make a positive change in the world.

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Neshat, our talented artist at Rakonto, excels in the art of enhancing ideas. As an illustrator and architect, she blends innovation with aesthetics in her works. With a strong interest in ecology, she incorporates an environmental dimension into our projects, making her creations both relevant and engaging.

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Claire, our social media manager, keeps us youthful and up-to-date with her sharp and alert perspective. A photographer, videomaker, and educator, she's always ready to lend a hand in whatever way she can with her adventurous and creative spirit.

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Rapha is the culinary genius behind our projects. Originally from Belgium, he now resides in Alicante, Spain, where he grows his own garden and builds his house from recycled and second-hand materials. A gardening expert and committed ecologist, Rapha's dedication to sustainability is unmatched. His cheerful and supporting personality,as well as constant jokes makes him the best coworker and friend. Always in a good mood, he’s known for his excellent taste in music!

rakonto, from our beginnings to today


The creation of the association

Robin, Corentin and Magali found the association "Le tour du monde en 80 défis" (Around the world in 80 challenges). A world tour without planes is the starting point of this great adventure.


The great departure

Departure for the world tour, with Portugal as the first destination.


Impact of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic forces the 2 partners to reconsider their plans. Robin returned to his studies, while Corentin tried to follow up the association. It's in this context that he meets Loreto while volunteering in Italy.


The arrival of Loreto

Loreto joins the association, and with her, it evolves into Rakonto. A few months later, it will host its first Erasmus+ training course.


The team expands

The team expands and recruits 2 new members, Elisa and Santiago, who bring with them a new impetus for the association after 2 years during which it has established itself well.


A new identity

A few months after the arrival of the 2 new members, Alba, Adrian and Neshat also joined the team. So Rakonto takes the opportunity to put on a new skin and completely change its visual identity to better represent its mission!

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