Short Documentary - Ce la farò

Ce la faro

"Ce la farò" emerges as a poignant documentary that delves deep into the life of Giovanni, a man entangled in the complex webs of mafia involvement and drug addiction. This film transcends the typical narratives, offering a raw, unfiltered glimpse into the struggles and redemption of an individual often overshadowed by the sensationalized image of mafia gangsters.

  • A Documentary with Purpose and Perspective

    In the realm of storytelling, "Ce la farò" emerges as a documentary that gracefully navigates the complex and often misunderstood world of individuals entangled in the mafia and drug addiction. This film is not just a narrative; it's an insightful exploration into the lives of those like Giovanni, whose experiences often remain hidden behind the veil of stereotypes and sensationalism.

    A Journey into the Heart of Reality

    At its core, "Ce la farò" is about challenging perceptions. The documentary moves beyond the typical glamorization of mafia life, bringing to light the authentic, human stories that exist beneath. It's an invitation to see the world through the eyes of those like Giovanni, whose life stories are often overshadowed in the grander mafia narrative.

    Giovanni's story is a poignant reminder of the power of redemption. The film traces his steps as he confronts a past marred by drugs and mafia ties, seeking not just forgiveness but a new path forward. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of change, even in the darkest of circumstances.

    "Ce la farò" also delves into the intricate relationship between mafia involvement and drug dependency. It's a thoughtful examination of how these two worlds intertwine, impacting lives in ways that are often unseen but deeply felt. The documentary serves as a mirror, reflecting the realities of those caught in this cycle.

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    Offering a Different Path : Impact and Awareness

    One of the film's most significant contributions is its portrayal of hope. It suggests that the cycle of mafia involvement and drug dependence is not inescapable. Giovanni's journey is proof that alternatives exist, that change is achievable, and that redemption is within reach.

    The documentary addresses several crucial needs. It moves away from exaggerated portrayals of mafia life, offering a more nuanced, humanized perspective. It sheds light on the personal factors that lead individuals into lives of crime and addiction, fostering a deeper understanding of these issues. By highlighting the real-life consequences of such lifestyles, "Ce la farò" contributes to a broader awareness of the impact of crime, not just on individuals but on society as a whole.

    In essence, "Ce la farò" is more than a documentary. It's an educational tool, a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for change. It invites viewers to engage with a world often misunderstood, to empathize with those like Giovanni, and to recognize the potential for transformation in even the most challenging circumstances.


  • The Birth of "Ce la farò"

    The journey of "Ce la farò" began at the end of 2020, a period marked by global uncertainty and challenges. It was then that two filmmakers, Loreto and Corentin, found themselves in Puglia. Driven by a passion for storytelling and a desire to make a significant impact, they embarked on a path that would lead them to the creation of something truly special.

    La Fabbrica del Farò: A Crossroads of Creativity and Life

    Their travels led them to La Fabbrica del Farò, a place pulsating with artistic energy and creativity. This former fabric factory, transformed into a dynamic space for workshops and circus, was where they met Giovanni, the guardian of the place. Giovanni was not just the guardian of the location; he was the keeper of a story, his own, marked by a tumultuous past intertwined with the mafia and a struggle against drug addiction.

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    As Loreto and Corentin became integrated into the fabric of this unique community, they formed a deep connection with Giovanni. Through shared experiences and conversations, Giovanni's story began to emerge - a tale of struggle, resilience, and the quest for redemption. His commitment to guiding the youth away from the pitfalls he once encountered was both moving and inspiring, but the emotional weight of revisiting his past was becoming increasingly heavy.

    From Conversation to Cinematic Vision

    Recognizing the profound impact of Giovanni's experiences and the power of visual storytelling, Loreto and Corentin proposed an idea that would change the course of their journey. Why not turn Giovanni's testimonies into a documentary? This medium would allow his story to reach a broader audience, providing insight and inspiration without the constraint of constant repetition. Giovanni, energized by the prospect, embraced this collaborative venture.

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    The creation of "Ce la farò" was not without its challenges. The process of capturing Giovanni's story, especially considering his lack of experience as a professional actor, presented unique challenges. After several months of collaborative effort, "Ce la farò" took shape. More than just a documentary, it is a bridge connecting past experiences to future aspirations. It is a narrative woven from resilience, redemption, and the shared essence of humanity.

    "Ce la farò" presents itself as a journey of discovery, understanding, and a tribute to the unyielding resilience of the human spirit. It is a story born from the convergence of chance, creativity, and the transformative power of human connection.

  • Awards and publications

    After its production, "Ce la farò" embarked on an international journey. The documentary became a powerful means of social commentary, resonating with audiences across the world. Showcased in 13 film festivals, "Ce la farò" won two prestigious awards, a testament to its captivating narrative and the appeal of its story.

    The true essence of "Ce la farò" lies in its ability to transcend the realms of entertainment, becoming a valuable tool for education and social awareness:

    - Enriching Educational Programs: Rakonto, an organization dedicated to learning and development, incorporated "Ce la farò" into its training courses. The raw and honest portrayal of Giovanni's life journey provided a profound learning experience, enriching the curriculum with real-life insights and lessons.

    - Local Resonance in Puglia: At the heart of Puglia, where Giovanni's story unfolded, "Ce la farò" found a special place. Local associations used the film as a means to connect and inspire young people facing similar life challenges. The documentary served not only as a cautionary tale but also as a beacon of hope, fulfilling its primary goal of influencing and supporting at-risk youth.

    - Highlighting Mafia Issues: The inclusion of "Ce la farò" in key festivals, particularly those focusing on crime-related themes, amplified its societal impact. The film brought Giovanni's personal story into a broader conversation about crime, redemption, and societal challenges, fostering a more nuanced understanding of life inside and beyond the shadow of the mafia.

    - Inspiring Creative Initiatives: For Rakonto, "Ce la farò" became a source of inspiration and a practical tool in their creative endeavors. The narrative and the journey of its production provided rich material for exploration, learning, and creative expression.

    A Catalyst for Awareness and Transformation

    The post-production journey of "Ce la farò" stands as a powerful testament to the role of storytelling in driving social change. The documentary reached audiences in film festivals and served as an educational tool for associations, transcending its cinematic form. It achieved its primary goal of reaching vulnerable youth, offering a narrative that serves both as a warning and a source of hope.

    "Ce la farò" exemplifies the profound impact a film can have when rooted in real-life experiences and crafted with empathy and understanding. It has become a catalyst for awareness, education, and transformation, leaving its mark both locally and on the global stage.

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