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Welcome to the universe of "Film Your Impact"! An innovative project that combined socio-ecological transition and active citizenship with the captivating world of audiovisual production. During this time, visual communication was key. We brought together socio-educational animators and youth from various backgrounds to explore, learn, and create together, leaving an impact in the local field.

  • Our Objectives and Identified Needs

    Why "Film Your Impact"?
    We live in an era where the visual is king. Youth, as well as socio-educational animators, navigate through an ocean of audiovisual content, whether on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. "Film Your Impact" was born with a clear ambition: to transform this visual omnipresence into a pedagogical and critical tool. We sought to arm our participants with media knowledge and criticism, while providing a platform for expression and creation.

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    Our core aims

    • Educate and Empower: Provide solid media education, sparking a critical mind towards digital communication.
    • Skills and Employability: Improve participants' skills in media and audiovisual production, opening doors to a world of professional possibilities.
    • Active Citizenship: Through cool audiovisual projects, we're all about encouraging everyone to play a part in shaping a better, greener world.

    We wanted to transmit the idea that taking action and becoming aware citizens is not about creating big gestures like grand parades or radically changing your lifestyle. Sometimes, a well-planned advocacy video can do much more than we think!

    Specific objectives:

    - Improvement of the participants in the field of media and audiovisual production by increasing their employment prospects;
    - Education and audiovisual literacy to nurture a critical approach to digital communication;
    - Advocate for European values and a sense of European identity;
    - Promotion of the Erasmus + program and international mobility opportunities at the local level;
    - Boost self-esteem and encourage active participation of young people at local and European level;
    - Dissemination of non-formal learning methods;
    - Dissemination of audiovisual content creation as a non-formal learning methodology;
    - Acquisition of practical knowledge in foreign languages;
    - Intercultural learning through teamwork and cooperation to achieve a common goal;
    - Optimization of time and deadline management;
    - Adaptation to work with different groups of people and different technical equipment;
    - Acquisition of specific video recording and editing skills;
    - Creation of videos for local associations in Pau during the exchange, and for other local associations once back in their respective countries.

  • Project Unfolding

    A Collaborative Journey
    The project brought together 24 participants from France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and Serbia. This created an exciting melting pot of experiences and different perspectives. Through this exchange of creativity and knowledge, we explored media together, produced social character video content, and improved our film skills. At least half of these people had previous knowledge of media, so it was very useful that they could share their different aptitudes and learn from eachother.
    The Training Course took place from April 10th to February 20th, 2023, at the Iktus camping site in Laroin. Activities were conducted in the camping site's multifunctional hall located by the lake, as well as in the surrounding green spaces. They followed a methodology of non-formal education and included team-building activities, role-playing games, debates, creative workshops, theater, excursions, moments of reflection and evaluation (both personal and activity-related), screenings, presentations, and more.

    All participants had at least a basic knowledge of English, although fluency was not required. They were open-minded and motivated to delve deeper into the project topic, eager to embrace a cross-cultural experience. All participants were over 18 years old.

    We encouraged participants to share their opinions on various topics, as you never know whose perspective might shake things up. Non-formal education is the perfect way to make the most of these gatherings, realizing our power of influence and that our voices matter. We can contribute a lot to the group, even when we think our thoughts are just ordinary.

    Engaging Activities
    Workshops, brainstorming sessions, and playful methods converged to shape the final video creations that were at the heart of our adventure. Participants had the chance to dive into the realm of audiovisual production while exploring relevant socio-ecological topics.

    How did this happen? Well, we brought together various associations in Pau actively reshaping the local scene into a more sustainable and human-friendly atmosphere. We offered them the chance to have our participants whip up an advertising video. And not just any video! A video showcasing places and people striving to forge a better society through their initiatives. Pretty cool, right?
    These places were Emmaüs Pau-Lescar, La metta villa, La forge moderne, la ferme guilhambaqué, and la mairie de laroin. They are commited to social and ecological sustainability, and acting as centers for community, creativity, and alternative lifestyles. Emmaüs Pau-Lescar and La Forge Moderne focus on creating inclusive communities through recycling and artisanal crafts, respectively, while La Metta Villa emphasizes inner transformation and peace. La Ferme Guilhambaqué stands out for its focus on eco-habitat and agricultural innovation. In contrast, La Mairie de Laroin serves as an example of sustainable construction. Each place, while distinct in its purpose and approach, contributes uniquely to the rich tapestry of cultural and ecological resilience in the region.

  • Results and Impact

    Creations and Collaborations
    We embarked on a journey of creation and collaboration, producing videos, sharing stories, and crafting a toolkit, enabling us to disseminate our methodologies and insights across diverse channels!

    The toolkit aimed to amalgamate a variety of non-formal education activities, utilizing the creation of audiovisual content as a central methodology. This versatile tool equips facilitators with an approach to engage the youth. This is made by using a tool that is familiar to them and with which they can address any topic. Indeed, the creation of audiovisual content can be used as a methodology to talk about any kind of topic (social, environmental, mental health etc).

    The participants' videos played a crucial role in amplifying and spreading the initiatives of these fantastic local associations. They were showcased in the activity room of our facilities, serving as a venue for significant events. We invited the associations to the screening, providing an opportunity for all participants to connect with the minds behind their college's projects. In these interactions, there was a vibrant mix of local and international individuals working together for a better world!

  • Follow-up and Evolution of the Project

    Evaluations and Adaptations
    The project underwent continuous evaluation and adaptation, marked by regular meetings to guarantee its seamless operation and alignment with our objectives. Participants played an active role in the evaluation phases, providing insights into what was working well and what needed improvement. This dual feedback loop ensured that the project not only stayed relevant and impactful but also provided valuable input for upcoming projects.

    Ongoing Engagement
    But our journey doesn't halt at the evaluation stage. The acquired skills, the stories that found a voice, and the friendships forged during this project create a tapestry that will continue to resonate and inspire future actions. The impact isn't confined to the duration of the project; it's a catalyst for ongoing engagement and a source of inspiration for those yet to embark on similar journeys.

    Embark on the Adventure with "Film Your Impact"

    As we invite you to join us in this captivating adventure, we encourage you to explore the rich tapestry of stories woven through "Film Your Impact." Each video, story, and toolkit shared is an invitation to connect, learn, and contribute. If the tales we've shared have ignited a spark within you, urging you to create an impact through your own stories, we extend an invitation to dive deeper and explore with us. Together, let's continue weaving stories of positive change and impactful initiatives. Join the journey, be part of the narrative, and let's create a ripple effect of change together!

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