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The 'Personal Landscapes' project was born from a simple yet powerful ambition: to give a voice to migrants and refugees through the art of photography. This project aims to address several crucial needs identified among migrants, by offering them a unique and personal means of expression.

  • Objectives of the project

    The "Personal Landscapes" project was born from a simple yet powerful ambition: to give a voice to migrants and refugees through the art of photography. This project aims to meet several crucial needs identified among migrants, offering them a unique and personal means of expression.

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    First Objective: Expressing Beyond Words For many participants, the language barrier is a major obstacle to integration in France. "Personal Landscapes" offers an alternative: photography as a universal language. Through their lenses, migrants can share their experiences, emotions, and perspectives, thus transcending linguistic limitations.

    Second Objective: Introspection and Personal Representation The workshop encourages participants to embark on an introspective journey, inviting them to identify and photograph objects that represent them. This approach aims to strengthen their personal identity and help them see themselves not just as migrants, but as complete individuals with their own stories and characteristics.

    Third Objective: Changing the Representation of Migrants In a world where migrants are often reduced to their status, "Personal Landscapes" seeks to break these stereotypes. The project reminds us that migrants are people with passions, hobbies, and dreams, just like anyone else. By displaying their personal objects, the project allows visitors to connect with them on a human and universal level.

    "Personal Landscapes" is a window open to rich and diverse lives, an invitation to see migrants in a new light. By highlighting their personal stories, the project contributes to a better understanding and integration into French society.

  • Activities

    First Activity: Introduction to Photography On Monday, participants were introduced to the basics of photography. The workshop covered fundamental technical aspects such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, as well as principles of composition and visual storytelling. The goal was to familiarize participants with photography using their phone, an accessible and practical tool for continuous practice.

    Educational Approach: All workshops were designed using non-formal education methods. After a brief technical presentation, participants were invited to carry out practical activities, taking photos according to specific instructions. These exercises aimed to encourage experimentation and creativity, applying the learned techniques.

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    Interval for Reflection and Preparation: During the following five days, participants were tasked with experimenting with the photography techniques learned and reflecting on personal objects representative of their identity, which they were to bring for the next session.

    Second Activity: Photographic Studio and Self-Portraits On Friday, participants brought their personal objects and discovered studio photography. With simple equipment like black sheets and phone lights, they learned to create an improvised studio environment. Experienced photographers as facilitators guided the participants in composing images with their objects and in taking self-portraits. This session allowed everyone to capture their essence through portraits and photographs of significant objects.

    Conclusion: The "Personal Landscapes" project was a captivating adventure in the world of photography, offering participants a unique means of expression and an opportunity to rediscover themselves. Through these activities, they were able not only to learn technical skills but also to explore their identity and share their personal story.

  • The exhibition

    We are proud to present the captivating images from the 'Personal Landscapes' exhibition. Each piece tells a unique story, reflecting the personal experiences and perspectives of those who have undertaken extraordinary journeys.

    This exhibition was first displayed at the Isarcos premises on the occasion of the International Refugee Day, and then it found a new resonance in a bar in Pau, reaching a broader audience. The images from 'Personal Landscapes' are not just photographs; they are windows into lives, dreams, and hopes.

    If you are interested in exhibiting these unique works in your space, to share these powerful and inspiring stories, please do not hesitate to contact us. This exhibition is available to travel and continue to raise awareness and connect communities. For any inquiries,

  • New Horizons

    The 'Personal Landscapes' project marked a decisive turning point for Rakonto, paving the way for exciting new initiatives. Beyond the initial goal of disseminating the photographs in various locations, this project has been a source of inspiration for the development of new concepts.

    Firstly, for 'The Other in Media', a project scheduled for February, which explores the representation of 'the Other' in the media. Building on the success of 'Personal Landscapes', we are considering creating a subsequent exhibition to 'The Other in Media', drawing inspiration from the themes addressed in 'Personal Landscapes'.

    Furthermore, the 'Shared Vision' project, in partnership with the Polish association Logos, is an ambitious initiative where migrants in France and Poland will collaborate to create a photographic exhibition from scratch. This project aims not only to encourage artistic creation but also to offer refugees opportunities to travel and to fully engage in the creative process of a photographic project, enriched with numerous workshops and development time.

    This new chapter, inspired by the resounding success of 'Personal Landscapes' among the migrants of Isard COS, the Rakonto team, and the public, reflects our ongoing commitment to enrich lives through art and culture, while promoting a better understanding and integration of migrants in our communities.

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